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Rushden is a tiny village of about 200 population located in North Hertfordshire. Many of the properties date back to the 16th century and there are a few ghosts that wander around every so often. No shops are left, but we still have a church and a pub, both of which are at the centre of the community. 


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The News in Rushden last updated:  08 September 2019


A couple of years ago the old telephone boxes in Rushden, Wallington and Sandon were renovated and AEDs (automatic external defibrillator) installed. Familiarisation sessions were held and here is a reminder of some main points to consider in an emergency.

If the patient is unconscious and not breathing normally shout for and get assistance. You won’t be able to cope on your own!  CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) needs to be started immediately

Call 999 from a landline or a mobile, there is no ‘phone in the ‘phonebox. Tell the   operator the exact location of the patient. The operator will give you the code to access the box containing the AED, they give you instructions and will most likely stay on the line and guide you through the process.  The code is 4 digits which must be prefixed with C (clear)

Take the AED to the patient. Follow the instructions the AED and the operator give you.

Starting CPR immeadiatly and continuing until the emergency services arrive is crucial.

Why not enrol on a first aid course?  You can learn CPR and gain a lot of other useful knowledge in a session lasting only half a day.  Both the Red Cross and St John’s Ambulance run regular courses at reasonable cost in nearby towns such as Stevenage and Hertford.

Village Link was set up in 2012 to provide a social and cultural link between Rushden, Sandon and Wallington. Since then we have consistently had speakers of national and sometimes international standing including The Royal Tailor, President of the Worldwide Ghost Club, the RAFs most famous test pilot, a High Court Judge, a Royal Protection Officer, scientists, artists and historians. We meet four times a year in Rushden Village  all, entry is only £4 or a years’ membership is £10 and you get refreshments! All meetings are advertised in the Gazette and on posters.
Our website http://rushdenvillagelink.blogspot.co.uk/

September 11th 8pm Rushden Village Hall
Village Link are pleased to bring you speaker Jake Cox who is a student at Nottingham University studying Sports Science. He is one of the top ten canoeists in the country and is preparing for the 2024 Olympics, hoping to represent the country. He will be talking about canoeing and his training routine. His talk will include slides and videos. This talk is likely to appeal to all generations, especially sports fans and Olympics followers, so please do come along.

7th November 2019 8pm
Village Link would like to welcome you to a talk by Professor Andrew Cockburn who is one of Europe’s top toxicologists and an expert on GM crops so all farmers will be welcome!

All are welcome.



Well what a special bank holiday weekend the last one was perhaps a bit hot if you were working in direct sunshine and over the age when it can be uncomfortable.

A couple of "VERY" special mentions,

There has appeared rouge emails from email addresses that one wood think are real contacts.
They have in the subject line your actual name which in my case made me suspicious. Do not open

Last Friday 23rd's Pimms night was a huge success and with the previous one and a financial benefit of £735 was raised

The Village FETE is on Sunday 22nd September
Theme this year is  Outer Space (hoping for at least 1 Rocket to get on a Launch Pad, may even be a Space Man around)!
Grand draw being run by Fiona and Ben Cannon, please sell tickets that have been distributed and offers for there hampers would be appreciated.
Stall holders/runners also look toward your support with opertunities/offers to help  essential.





Our mailing address is:

Church Farm 

Ardeley, Hertfordshire SG2 7AH



Click here for the Rural Watch - AUGUST 2019











Click here for Information on Unoccupied Property

Click here for Information for Dog Owners

Click here for Poachers' Moon Leaflet (.pdf)

Click here for OWL Consent Form

The non emergency number for contacting the Police if you have worries about anything is:- 0845 3300222. 


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Another successful Fete was held in Rushden on 27 July. A lovely sunny day enjoyed by all.

Click here for some photos

Please start thinking if you would like to be involved in an extravaganza.

‘Works on Rushden village hall- Insulation going in. Now well underway ‘






Click to see the Minutes 16 May 2019 (pdf)


The Parish Accounts for 2018/2019 are now available click here



Data Protection, Public Rights and Government Statement 2018 



Parish Council Website


Sad news that not even the Village Sports Club is safe.
Last night the little storage garage next to the Pavilion was "Trashed" Doors ripped off.
Nothing taken but serious damage, probably going to need a complete replacement.
If a replacement is got what would be the feelings of the Village to a 20 foot shipping type container being installed?
Anyone see or hear anything?


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Here are some photos of the excellent quiz night we had on Saturday 16th March 2019. A big thank you to all who organised this for us.

Click here to see some photos with thanks to John Dingemans

SANDON GARDENERS' CLUB meets every 2nd Monday of the Month at Sandon Village Hall at 7.30 p.m. although we sometimes have outside visits.


Chairman: John Handley,  <johnhandley5@btinternet.com>

Secretary: Jean Handley  [Both are on 01763-288360]  

If you have an interest in Gardening come along and join us, new members are always welcome.

Click here for the Sandon Gardeners' Club Website 

Once again we had a very nice village event, the bazaar.


Lovely food and drink, games, raffles, decorations and craft items. Such a lovely variety. Thank you so much, all of you who worked so hard to make such a nice event.

Click here for photos with thanks to John Dingemans

From John Dingemans

Dear Jean

Thank you very much for the banner you presented us with on Wednesday at the Village Link.

We have placed it in our church until Sunday, which is the last day of the Remembrance period.

LOST black drone. Took off from Sandon school playing field. Flew across school and Rushden Road THEN disappeared into the distance. IF found PLEASE return to 20. Rushden Road. Many thanks.

Thank you to all who joined Sandon Area RBL at Mill End Nursery this afternoon ...around 60 people enjoyed a delicious Centenary Tea Party. Thanks to Helen Karen and all the other helpers for such a lovely afternoon x


It was perfect weather for Rushden Fete on 24 June 2018.

Click here for photos taken by John Dingemans

Two families needing after school and holidays childcare (one for 2 days a week and the other for 3 days a week) from September.  Roughly 3.00pm til 6.15pm each day, pick up from Sandon School.  One family lives in Rushden the other in Cottered.  Children are aged 3,4,6 and 7.  Please contact Crissie on 07775931343 for more information.


We had a lovely picnic on the village green in Rushden to celebrate the royal wedding. As you can see from the photographs we had a lovely time in the glorious weather. It was perfect weather for our pimms and barbecue.

It was a very happy occasion and our thanks go to the organisers of this event. 

Click here for photos taken by John Dingemans

Make the A505 safer between Royston and Baldock


Royston Crow would like your help please with feedback on their campaign to make the A505 safer between Royston and Baldock - 

"The results of the year-long feasibility study which apparently will provide the county council with some idea as to what can be done on the road is imminent, but until then we are pressing on with hearing people’s experiences and opinions on the road to keep it in the public consciousness and keep pressure on the council. 

We'd like your experiences and opinion on the road. The cut-through junctions in the central reservation to the villages seem to divide people, some want them closed as they cause the most accidents, some want them replaced with roundabouts, some want to keep them as it would create longer journey times for people in Sandon for example." 

The petition for anyone who hasn’t signed, who would like to,


Rushden Village Hall Social Night and BBQ,  

8pm   normally every 2nd Thursday night of the month.

Bring your own drink and BBQ food- we do the BBQ, and we can all have a good time socialising and/or playing games. Table tennis is most popular, but other games can be arranged if wished.

£3 per person per night, to pay for the hire of the hall.

Please come along, have fun, and support the Village Hall.

Please contact Brian (07505 113533) or Chip (07831 154966)

Would you like to be included in the Rushden Village oil buying group?


Every month Sue Whiting circulates a monthly email inviting you to respond with your name, your address with postcode, the quantity of oil you require and any special instructions e.g. the tank is in the shed. 

Your delivery will be added to that months oil delivery and benefit from any available group oil buying discount. 

Its that simple. 


There is no cost to be included in the group and the oil company will invoice you directly so that you can pay them in your usual way.


You can contact Sue at theorchardhouse@btinternet.com to be included on the email.

The Children’s Air Ambulance charity have advised that all their collection bags delivered within the village should always have the date for collection stamped on the back. The people who deliver them should always carry ID.  Anything suspicious should be reported to them on 01536 480007.

Sandon Conservation Group

What wild thing is that?

Sandon Conservation Group - Local bio survey

Our survey forms are ready and waiting.

Sandon Conservation Group | Environment-wildlife-resources ...

Sandon green and keen Fixing not fuming We are a group of like-minded people, living in Sandon, who believe that preserving and caring for the natural world is on ...

Email: pasqueperfick@outlook.com

From Sandon Parish Council
We now have a part working website for the Sandon Parish Council http://sandonherts.co.uk 

I'm happy for you to send this link out now - on the basis that it is in development! 

all my best,
Hilary (parish councilor)

The Moon and Stars now has a minibus to pick you up and take you home if you dine there. So, you can enjoy a meal and a few glasses of wine without having to worry about who's driving!

Invite your friends from Buntingford, Baldock and Royston to enjoy the delights of our local pub!

Monumental Inscriptions

Rushden St Mary

We now have available a colour booklet listing all the gravestones and memorials in Rushden churchyard and the church itself. This has been prepared by Hertfordshire History Society (Hoddesdon group) and also contains a history of the church, a detailed numbered plan of the site with full inscriptions and alphabetical appendix. The booklet also contains similar information for Clothall Church and runs to 65 pages.


Copies are available for £7.00 each either in the church (with honesty envelope) or by post (£7.50) from C. Whitton at Southern Green House, Rushden, Herts.SG9 0SX.


Cheques made payable to PCC of Rushden please

Dear Rushden Herts Residents,
I'm trying to trace relatives of my great grandfather, Amos Mathias Bird, born 1877 in Rushden, Hertfordshire. 

I believe Amos moved to Southwold, Suffolk when was still a young child. As a young man he was stationed in Ireland as a H.M. coastguard. He later returned to Suffolk and was coastguard at Southwold.
I would interested to know who my great grandfather's parents were and whether Amos had any siblings.

Hoping there is a mention in your parish records or perhaps even a Bird family still residing in Rushden.

Yours sincerely,
James Bird ciedirector@hotmail.com
Formerly of Reydon, Southwold Suffolk - now resident in Bali, Indonesia.

Ever had any trouble with BT/Openreach? 
I am doing some research on landline and internet services in Sandon, and would be grateful to hear from anyone who has had problems. Have your broadband facilities gone down, and have you struggled to get reconnected? Have you been periodically cut off? Been run ragged by poor service? Despaired over customer relations and your ISP's response?
All research is for a newspaper article. Thank you, Pat Sinclair
Please email: pasqueperfick@outlook.com

Advertising your business in the local parish magazine, SWRC Gazette. 

We are trying to reach more people for the opportunity to advertise. If you want to promote your organisation email swrc.gazette@googlemail.com if you wish to be included or to receive our current prices for the year.

I just found out my roots trace back to Rushden to Isaac Hearn born 1715 he married Ann Jacob 1718 but that is all  I know right now. Would you know if there was a way to find out more about these people and if they still had descendants in Rushden.
I thank you for any information
Stephen Hearn. stevegoat@hotmail.com 


Rushden Lace Club 

The Rushden Lace Club meets on the first Monday of the month in the Village Hall and all types of lace are made under the expert tuition of Bridget Cook.  Beginners are very welcome to join our happy group where tea, coffee and biscuits are supplied but you bring your own lunch.

For further information please ring Eva Whitton on 01763 288 357

To see the Lace Makers website click here



I wonder if you are aware of this local web resource, listing counsellors and therapists in the area around Rushden,


Bill Imlah

Reliable and trustworthy cleaner/housekeeper, based in Rushden.  Good range of services, competitive rates, references available.  Please call Sofiya on 07901154847. 

Apple Cottage is now able to sell their homemade cider by appointment. To see costs and their wide selection of different flavours visit their website http://www.applecottagecider.co.uk/

Water Rates.

If the rainwater from your gutters drains into soakaways and none goes into mains drainage you may be entitled to a reduced sewerage charge on your water rates.  If you think that this applies to your property it is worth contacting your water supplier (not the sewerage company) to apply for a surface water discount.

This is a follow up to a discussion at our first Village Link. It is worth villagers’ while checking it out as they may be entitled to a rebate. Apparently, the charge is always applied regardless!

I run baby development classes in Buntingford on Tuesday mornings for babies from birth to 13 months. Baby Sensory, Baby Development classes provide an ideal opportunity for parents and babies to share in exciting Baby Development Activities. Please see www.babysensory.com. They are such lovely classes and your first class with us is always a free trial to see how you like it. Contact Louise Hughes for your free trial by emailing stevenage@babysensory.co.uk

My love for dogs.


‘My love for dogs’ offers home boarding for your canine friend. I am delighted to open up our home so that whilst you are on holiday, your dog has a holiday in the comfort of our home, with a totally secure garden.


I am fully insured and police checked.

Rest assured that your dog will have at least one long walk a day .

Should you require any further details please do not hesitate to call Amanda on 07903 806750 or  01763 852970

Not everyone is aware that we now have our very own wet fish man calling at the Moon and Stars every Thursday at 6pm. He has a good selection of fish and shellfish.

PROVENCE, Vaison-la-Romaine. Charming old cottage among vineyards,
(sleeps 4: 2 bedrooms) private pool, pool house, terraces, garden, wonderful views. 


Full details at www.dubois.me.uk  Contact Lilian on Tel: 07941 419859.

Hello we are AUTO-MOTIVE Mobile Vehicle Services.  We do all servicing and repairs, diagnostic fault finding to cars and small commercials. based in Stevenage, but we cover most of the surrounding towns as far as Bishops Stortford, 

Contact Terry on 07939097987.  email: info@automotivemobile repair.co.uk     www.automotivemobilerepair.co.uk

The Buntingford Civic Society are trying to increase awareness of the work of the Society via their web-site. To find out about their activities click here.

Need Council Help?
Here are some numbers that may be of use.                
Flooding  0845 988 1188
Overgrown hedge/grass 01438 737320
Potholes 01438 737320
Abandoned burnt out vehicle  01462 474579
Broken phone booth  0800 661 610

Check on Sandon School Website

11am to 12.30pm. Entrance is £1 adults, 50p children. Bring along any books you would like to swap and take away to that number.


Tea, real coffee and homemade cakes will also be available.

Help your Church 

Buy your goods from perfiliate on www.buy.at/StMarysRushdenHerts and save yourself money whilst helping St Mary's Church.

Rushden is linked with the Hertfordshire Communities Online, British Villages Website, Village Key and Irish and British Villages . Have a look and take a virtual tour of the villages of Britain.

We get frequent requests on this website for help with family research. We therefore thought it might be a help if we gave out the website address of Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies. They have given us their permission,so here it is www.hertsdirect.org Their Email address is hertsdirect@hertscc.gov.uk 

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