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Rushden is a tiny village of about 200 population located in North Hertfordshire. Many of the properties date back to the 16th century and there are a few ghosts that wander around every so often. No shops are left, but we still have a church and a pub, both of which are at the centre of the community. 


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The News in Rushden last updated:  21 April 2017



Back to base camp with "Cold and Frosty" Morning, Well one this week that has taken the leaves off of the Walnut tree.

A couple of nice photos sent in for the "Village Connections" Facebook page and both been exposed there.

Everyone welcome to the Sticky Bun Day, at 4 Dark Lane between 10am and 2pm on Saturday 22nd April Come along and enjoy some good coffee, tea, squash and assorted sticky buns with butter and jam Anne and Keith are raising funds for the Falconer Trust Orphanage in Kabulamemea Zambia.

Coffee morning is 27th April 2017 in the VH. 10:30 to Noon

Pub Night will be on the 28th April 2017 also the VH from 6pm

Cricket Club have there first game on the 23rd April 2017 away at Whaddon

Sandon Football Club have made it to the "Cup" final again this year to be held at:
 Newmarket Football ground next Sunday 30/04/2017 Kick Off 10.30. in the  Don Page Lower Junior Cup
8th of May is Gardening Club in VH 7:30pm, Travels of "May Mee" with an "Orchid" Clinic, Competitions are An Orchid / 7 Gooseberries!

Great delight earlier this month when the first "Swallow" of the summer was seen. Nearly as much excitement when a "Pimms" delivery was had and "Summer" was assured.



There is nothing that Rural Care isn’t involved in at Church Farm, we keep ourselves busy with anything from picking flowers for the shop to hanging a new door in the pub. Our days are diverse and filled with purpose, which is how we like them! Some of the roles we embark on at the farm offer us more than you may think and benefit us as much as the farm.

www.churchfarmardeley.co.uk '

Our mailing address is:

Church Farm 

Ardeley, Hertfordshire SG2 7AH


SANDON GARDENERS' CLUB meets every 2nd Monday of the Month at Sandon Village Hall at 7.30 p.m. although we sometimes have outside visits.


8th of May is Gardening Club in Sandon Village Hall 7:30pm, Travels of "May Mee" with an "Orchid" Clinic, Competitions are An Orchid / 7 Gooseberries!


Chairman: John Handley,  <johnhandley5@btinternet.com>

 Secretary: Jean Handley  [Both are on 01763-288360]


If you have an interest in Gardening come along and join us, new members are always welcome.

Click here for the Sandon Gardeners' Club Website 



For Minutes of the Meeting on 6th April 2017 click here


Click here for Parish Council Website


The Audited accounts 

can now be seen and checked. Click here.


Sandon Action Group

In an effort to generate and encourage a fair and mixed debate about the Sandon Bury Farm proposals, Sandon Action Group has issued a weekly update:

  • 100 members have now signed up to SAG, expressing their concerns and objections to the events venue proposals.
  • At the recent Parish Council Annual Assembly, the Parish Council reported it had received 36 letters regarding the proposals, 33 against and 3 in favour.
  • Much of the concern centres on the noise and traffic disturbance  - both day and night - that will affect the whole village from having 3 major events a week – up to 750 party goers arriving and leaving by car, coach & taxi through all routes in and out of the village, to the A10, and A505 affecting Buckland, Mill End and Wallington as well as the closer hamlets to Sandon.  
  • During the open question time at the meeting, 2 parishioners spoke at length about their serious objections to the plans.
  • No parishioner expressed any support for the proposal and Teddy Faure Walker only spoke very briefly to state that there is “a significant groundswell in favour who are far less vociferous”.
  • If those in favour of the proposal could make their support more evident, this might at least give villagers a chance to take a balanced view as to whether there are any real and tangible benefits to the village that might outweigh what SAG believe are serious threats to a peaceful and safe rural location.
  • The Faure Walkers have stated they are modifying the architectural plans based on feedback received and once the plans are finalised, their traffic and acoustics consultants will produce their reports. These will be published on the website and form part of the planning application, which is expected to be submitted in the next few weeks. 


SAG continues to welcome and encourage all feedback with your views and comments. We need to understand the reasons why people may be in favour and equally there will be villagers who are unsure either way. This issue will not go away and it WILL affect the village and surrounding area.
To contact SAG, just email us – info@sandonactiongroup.com
Mike Ayton & Pete Laskey, Co-chair, SAG

Reflections from the Rector

Today is Easter Monday and I am having a day off!  It is typical of me that I could not lie in when most mornings I could do with turning over and having an extra hour but it was not to be.   After breakfast and morning prayers I set to on my study to try and make some order out of the resulting chaos that is the inevitable result of being busy over Lent, Holy Week and Easter.  It took me some time to wade through the piles of liturgy, prayers, robes etc. that were deposited all around the room in bags or just on the floor where I had dropped them but eventually order was restored and I felt much better for the effort.  I can now see the floor and if I can get enough energy to get the vacuum out then the task will be complete.   There is something about sorting things manually that helps me to sort my thoughts out as well – clearing and tidying away things that are now not needed for a while and making space for the next set of challenges.   Glancing at the computer to check the time I noticed the date and nearly had a fit as I realised the deadline for the magazine is tomorrow and that there was not a thought in my head to write about.   Trying not to panic I decided to go for a walk around the garden to clear my head and to let some fresh air in to my poor addled post Easter brain.  

The garden has changed quite a lot over the last three years (with the help of Sandra and Emma who do the work – my endless thanks to both) and the overgrown, semi neglected space is now considerably tidier and a nice place to stroll on a bright, but very chilly, afternoon.   I first wandered past the tamarisk which is just coming into bloom and noted the vast quantity of poppies that are soon going to fill that bed with a riot of colour.  However, I was on a mission to check out the narrow bed that goes along the north side of the house to check how things were there.   All was good, the Solomon Seal and the hostas are coming along nicely and the primroses, which had been moved from another bed, had established themselves wonderfully and were making a takeover bid.  The Christmas Roses (hellebores) were stunning – it has been a very good year for these lovely plants which make an excellent addition to late winter and early spring beds.   There they were with their delicate drooping heads swaying gently in the breeze a welcome and heart-warming sight.   I made a mental note to find some fritillaries to add to the bed and then that side of the house would be complete.   Just around the corner on the north-west side of the house I have some other shade loving plants and the lily of the valley are just coming up and by the time you read this they too will be in full bloom so something to look forward to.   But what is this!  Just beyond the lily of the valley everything was not well.   A beautiful black hellebore planted last spring (a very well received gift) was not looking very happy at all.   It hardly seemed to have grown at all and its leaves looked droopy and unhappy and the flowers forlorn.  It did not look as if it had much life in it at all and I was quite surprised as the last time I had been around that side of the house I had thought it was settling in well. What to do?  I was briefly tempted to remove it and buy another one so as not to upset the kind givers or for them to think that I had been neglecting it. Hmmm I pondered a little and moved off to look at the wallflowers which have also been early and profuse this year and I remembered the poor state that they had been in when I had first got them right at the end of their flowering season and the giver had told me not to be too disappointed if they did not take.   But with love, a good fertile bed and feeding they had pulled through and put on a wonderful display.  A recent reading from evening prayers came into my mind, the story is from the gospel of Luke (13:6-9)

6 Then he told this parable: “A man had a fig tree growing in his vineyard, and he went to look for fruit on it but did not find any. 7 So he said to the man who took care of the vineyard, ‘For three years now I’ve been coming to look for fruit on this fig tree and haven’t found any. Cut it down! Why should it use up the soil?’8 “‘Sir,’ the man replied, ‘leave it alone for one more year, and I’ll dig around it and fertilize it. 9 If it bears fruit next year, fine! If not, then cut it down.’”

There was the answer to my conundrum.   I went back round to the doleful Christmas rose and told it that I would make sure that this year it had every bit of attention that I could give to it, it was beautiful and it deserved another chance.   As I came back into the house I realised that this was a good tenet to apply to most of the situations that we feel are not working.   Put as much as you can into them – give things another try – you never know what might happen when you give things one more chance and if they work out then the effort will not have been wasted and it they do not then you will know that you did everything you could to try and make things work.  I am determined to get that hellebore in better health and blooming for next year.   Good luck with all you gardening endeavours this spring.
God Bless

Rushden Village Hall Social Night and BBQ,  

8pm, May 18th 2017 (every 2nd Thursday night of the month.

Bring your own drink and BBQ food- we do the BBQ, and we can all have a good time socialising and/or playing games. Table tennis is most popular, but other games can be arranged if wished.

£3 per person per night, to pay for the hire of the hall.

Please come along, have fun, and support the Village Hall.

Please contact Brian (07505 113533) or Chip (07831 154966)


Click here for the Rural Watch - March 2017













Click here for Information on Unoccupied Property

Click here for Information for Dog Owners

Click here for Poachers' Moon Leaflet (.pdf)

Click here for OWL Consent Form

The non emergency number for contacting the Police if you have worries about anything is:- 0845 3300222. 


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2017 Rural Living Awards

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Turning Japanese- Village Link

Extra chairs needed to be put out on Wednesday 29th March at Rushden Village Hall when Caron Lawton, curator of The Japanese Gardens at Cottered, talked about the garden from its inception in 1923 and compared pictures of then and now. Herbert Goode bought the garden in 1903 with no intention of changing it but after visits to Japan he brought over a Mr Kitsumoto to be in charge of design with the stunning results one can see today.

The next meeting will be on Thursday 29th June when Mike Thomas will be taking us On Safari!

Our website http://rushdenvillagelink.blogspot.co.uk/ 

Musical Evening - March 2017

As John Dingeman said "What a lovely evening it was again. It never ceases to amaze me how much talent we have in our village.

My face has only just recovered from all the laughter."

click here for some photos with thanks to John Dingeman

Royston Community Health Petition URGENT 

We have a small window of opportunity to ask Jeremy Hunt , Minister of State for Health, to enable the building of a Health and Social Care Hub on the Royston Hospital site. The NHS is currently looking at the cheaper option of extending the Health Centre and may well approve that in the next few weeks. The Health Centre site is landlocked and small. The population of the town and villages (who would all use a Health and Social Care  Hub) will outgrow the new building. The population of Royston is set to grow by up to 26500 people by 2030. 

At that point we will have no where to build because the hospital site will have been sold off. 

This is probably our last opportunity to ensure that the NHS gets this right for the people of the area and for the long term.  Incidentally it also absolutely fits with the very recent NHS policy to look after people nearer home. 

Please can you

We don't have much time so please help us do this

Sandon Village Market


Monthly Village Markets have ceased and will be held only 4 times a year on Saturdays


Next Market TBA


07920 269621 or email at: info@thislittlepiggy.uk.com 

The church was illuminated and beautifully decorated for the nine lessons and carols. The children all did a fantastic job and made their parents and grandparents proud.

For some photos click here - with thanks to John Dingemans


 There has been a burglary from outbuildings in Rushden again, the police are aware. If anyone saw anything unusual please let the the police know any information, and check your outbuildings!

Possible rogue dog

Tracey and Julian Chapman who live at South View, Mill End, Rushden are concerned that someone is not keeping their dog fully under control.


On Sunday 20th in the afternoon an animal, which had to be a dog and not a fox, given the size of the pawmarks, ripped off the latch of one of their rabbit hutches and removed their 10 year old rabbit. It also ‘had a go’ at the other hutch. Given that they have cats, chickens and young nephews and nieces who play in the garden they hope that the owner who may have been in the vicinity at the time is aware that his/her animal may need much stricter control.

Sandon Conservation Group

What wild thing is that?

Sandon Conservation Group - Local bio survey

Our survey forms are ready and waiting.

Sandon Conservation Group | Environment-wildlife-resources ...

Sandon green and keen Fixing not fuming We are a group of like-minded people, living in Sandon, who believe that preserving and caring for the natural world is on ...

Email: pasqueperfick@outlook.com

Easter Chick Campaign

I work for Garden House Hospice Care based in Letchworth, we cover North Hertfordshire and the surrounding villages such as Rushden.

Garden House Hospice Care provides a wide range of services for patients, their carers and families facing a life limiting illness.

Each year we need £2 million to continue to run many of our services including, Day Service, Inpatient Unit, Hospice at Home and Family Support service. Of this £2 million we only receive a third from the government, the rest is raised through fundraising activities. One of these fundraising activities is an Easter campaign called Charlie Chicks which you may have heard of.

Each year we have anything between 6,000 – 10,000 chicks knitted for us by wonderful volunteers and we then go on to sell them in one of our shops or have them sold on behalf of us. As you can imagine this is a huge amount of work which means us starting already for next Easter.

Unfortunately this year we have lost a fair few of our knitters and the knitters we do have will only knit the chick and they do not put the face on. We desperately need help to stitch the faces on the chicks.

Jordan Russell

Community Fundraiser


Garden House Hospice

Telephone :  01462 679540        

Registered Office: Gillison Close, Letchworth, Hertfordshire, SG6 1QU

Registered in England  Registered Charity No.: 295257



The Annual General Meeting was held on 27 April 2016 in the Village Hall. 

Click here for Our Website  


RUSHDEN VILLAGE HALL Click here for the Website

From Sandon Parish Council
We now have a part working website for the Sandon Parish Council http://sandonherts.co.uk 

I'm happy for you to send this link out now - on the basis that it is in development! 

all my best,
Hilary (parish councilor)

The Moon and Stars now has a minibus to pick you up and take you home if you dine there. So, you can enjoy a meal and a few glasses of wine without having to worry about who's driving!

Invite your friends from Buntingford, Baldock and Royston to enjoy the delights of our local pub!

Monumental Inscriptions

Rushden St Mary

We now have available a colour booklet listing all the gravestones and memorials in Rushden churchyard and the church itself. This has been prepared by Hertfordshire History Society (Hoddesdon group) and also contains a history of the church, a detailed numbered plan of the site with full inscriptions and alphabetical appendix. The booklet also contains similar information for Clothall Church and runs to 65 pages.


Copies are available for £7.00 each either in the church (with honesty envelope) or by post (£7.50) from C. Whitton at Southern Green House, Rushden, Herts.SG9 0SX.


Cheques made payable to PCC of Rushden please

Dear Rushden Herts Residents,
I'm trying to trace relatives of my great grandfather, Amos Mathias Bird, born 1877 in Rushden, Hertfordshire. 

I believe Amos moved to Southwold, Suffolk when was still a young child. As a young man he was stationed in Ireland as a H.M. coastguard. He later returned to Suffolk and was coastguard at Southwold.
I would interested to know who my great grandfather's parents were and whether Amos had any siblings.

Hoping there is a mention in your parish records or perhaps even a Bird family still residing in Rushden.

Yours sincerely,
James Bird ciedirector@hotmail.com
Formerly of Reydon, Southwold Suffolk - now resident in Bali, Indonesia.

Ever had any trouble with BT/Openreach? 
I am doing some research on landline and internet services in Sandon, and would be grateful to hear from anyone who has had problems. Have your broadband facilities gone down, and have you struggled to get reconnected? Have you been periodically cut off? Been run ragged by poor service? Despaired over customer relations and your ISP's response?
All research is for a newspaper article. Thank you, Pat Sinclair
Please email: pasqueperfick@outlook.com

Advertising your business in the local parish magazine, SWRC Gazette. 

We are trying to reach more people for the opportunity to advertise. If you want to promote your organisation email swrc.gazette@googlemail.com if you wish to be included or to receive our current prices for the year.

I just found out my roots trace back to Rushden to Isaac Hearn born 1715 he married Ann Jacob 1718 but that is all  I know right now. Would you know if there was a way to find out more about these people and if they still had descendants in Rushden.
I thank you for any information
Stephen Hearn. stevegoat@hotmail.com 


Rushden Lace Club 

The Rushden Lace Club meets on the first Monday of the month in the Village Hall and all types of lace are made under the expert tuition of Bridget Cook.  Beginners are very welcome to join our happy group where tea, coffee and biscuits are supplied but you bring your own lunch.

For further information please ring Eva Whitton on 01763 288 357

To see the Lace Makers website click here



I wonder if you are aware of this local web resource, listing counsellors and therapists in the area around Rushden,


Bill Imlah

Reliable and trustworthy cleaner/housekeeper, based in Rushden.  Good range of services, competitive rates, references available.  Please call Sofiya on 07901154847. 

Apple Cottage is now able to sell their homemade cider by appointment. To see costs and their wide selection of different flavours visit their website http://www.applecottagecider.co.uk/

Water Rates.

If the rainwater from your gutters drains into soakaways and none goes into mains drainage you may be entitled to a reduced sewerage charge on your water rates.  If you think that this applies to your property it is worth contacting your water supplier (not the sewerage company) to apply for a surface water discount.

This is a follow up to a discussion at our first Village Link. It is worth villagers’ while checking it out as they may be entitled to a rebate. Apparently, the charge is always applied regardless!

Energy Bills

Many of you will have heard of Which’s attempt to hold the energy companies’ pricing policies up to scrutiny. Visit Which Big Switch to sign on so that they can hopefully help us reduce our bills.

I run baby development classes in Buntingford on Tuesday mornings for babies from birth to 13 months. Baby Sensory, Baby Development classes provide an ideal opportunity for parents and babies to share in exciting Baby Development Activities. Please see www.babysensory.com. They are such lovely classes and your first class with us is always a free trial to see how you like it. Contact Louise Hughes for your free trial by emailing stevenage@babysensory.co.uk

Computer Scam

Recently there have been phone calls to people in the village saying that your computer is in trouble and they will fix it if you get on line with them. They also say they are connected to Microsoft ( although our caller had never heard of Bill Gates!) This is a complete scam and there is no way they can tell if there is anything wrong with your computer but the minute you go online you will be in trouble plus they will charge you a lot of money for fixing nothing. Previously when this has happened the whole area has been targeted. If you do have a problem please inform Paul Marina. 

My love for dogs.


‘My love for dogs’ offers home boarding for your canine friend. I am delighted to open up our home so that whilst you are on holiday, your dog has a holiday in the comfort of our home, with a totally secure garden.


I am fully insured and police checked.

Rest assured that your dog will have at least one long walk a day .

Should you require any further details please do not hesitate to call Amanda on 07903 806750 or  01763 852970

Not everyone is aware that we now have our very own wet fish man calling at the Moon and Stars every Thursday at 6pm. He has a good selection of fish and shellfish.

PROVENCE, Vaison-la-Romaine. Charming old cottage among vineyards,
(sleeps 4: 2 bedrooms) private pool, pool house, terraces, garden, wonderful views. 


Full details at www.dubois.me.uk  Contact Lilian on Tel: 07941 419859.

Hello we are AUTO-MOTIVE Mobile Vehicle Services.  We do all servicing and repairs, diagnostic fault finding to cars and small commercials. based in Stevenage, but we cover most of the surrounding towns as far as Bishops Stortford, 

Contact Terry on 07939097987.  email: info@automotivemobile repair.co.uk     www.automotivemobilerepair.co.uk

The mobile library visits on a Friday. USE IT, OR LOSE IT!!!

Click here for new mobile library times

The Buntingford Civic Society are trying to increase awareness of the work of the Society via their web-site. To find out about their activities click here.

Need Council Help?
Here are some numbers that may be of use.                
Flooding  0845 988 1188
Overgrown hedge/grass 01438 737320
Potholes 01438 737320
Abandoned burnt out vehicle  01462 474579
Broken phone booth  0800 661 610

Check on Sandon School Website

11am to 12.30pm. Entrance is £1 adults, 50p children. Bring along any books you would like to swap and take away to that number.


Tea, real coffee and homemade cakes will also be available.

Help your Church 

Buy your goods from perfiliate on www.buy.at/StMarysRushdenHerts and save yourself money whilst helping St Mary's Church.

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We get frequent requests on this website for help with family research. We therefore thought it might be a help if we gave out the website address of Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies. They have given us their permission,so here it is www.hertsdirect.org Their Email address is hertsdirect@hertscc.gov.uk 

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