Dog Owners

Calling all owners of pet dogs, gun dogs and working dogs. 

There has been an increase in the amount of dogs stolen from the East Herts area. The most recent incident was yet another dognapping attempt, where offenders tried to snatch the dog from the owner whilst they were out walking. Dogs have also been stolen from gardens, cars and yards.

Now is your chance to protect your animal. You may already have it micro-chipped but now Police will be offering dog owners a chance to VISIBLY mark their dogs by having them tattooed with an identification number inside their ears.

This is a visible deterrent that cannot be removed or altered, takes seconds to apply and lasts a life time, it guards against theft, fraud and loss and a dog can easily be checked and identified if they are found, by a simple phone call to the Register.

 For more information about dog tattoos contact:

We also have a tack marking machine for the marking of horse equipment. This service will free of charge and will be conducted by Hertfordshire Constabulary on the day.