Rushden carollers raised over £150 on Tuesday night (15th December) when they braved the elements for BRAVE. (click on photo for larger image). The following email has been received:

This is a wonderful result! Thank you so much for your initiative in devoting this to BRAVE. Please pass on BRAVE's thanks to your carollers for their heroic efforts. Rushdenians must be very generous people if you can raise this much on the doorstep. BRAVE needs every penny it can get to ensure its longer term future.


With my best wishes to both of you - and to Rushden in general - for a happy Christmas,




Who are these devils and ghouls having a "Girls Night Out" on Halloween? They were discovered at Southern Green.

With thanks to John Dingemans. Click on photo for larger image.



Charlie Mitchell of Moonshine, Southern Green has now gone off to the Royal Agricultural College at Cirencester.  She successfully drove her car there for the first day of term and has even managed to navigate her way back for one short return trip home.


Her room at college is "conveniently" situated next to the student bar.  Her parents and grandparents were v worried at this but so far so good.  She has also been picked for the college polo team.  Grandfather is regularly sending her a fiver and the Christian Herald in a hope that she does not ask him to be the college polo team patron.


Grandparents are going to see her at the end of November to inspect her, her room and the progress in her studies.  They are hopeful that with her new found knowledge she will be able to cure the moss that has infected the front field at Friars.


Michael Raeside Auld MCIPR


  The Rushden Bazaar at the Village Hall on Saturday 28 November was a runaway success getting everyone into the mood for Christmas. We raised a massive £1043.55.

Click here for some photos with thanks to John Dingemans.



The Game to Eat evening has raised an amazing £800 to be shared between the Church and the Village Hall and a hearty thanks must go to all those who helped with cooking, catering generally and clearing up.  Judging by the queues for seconds and even thirds ( you can't get that at a restaurant!) the food was very much enjoyed. Watch out now for the soup and cheese evening on Sunday 17th January at 5.30pm. Book early to ensure you get a place as tickets are limited to 32. Phone 288393 to book. Click here for photos - thanks to John Dingemans

  Killing Badgers - How Do We Stop It?   

This morning, at about 1am, I found a badger dead on the Wallington to Baldock road. This was a young female, perhaps a new mother with her first cubs in the sett. She had obviously been healthy, being quite chubby with very white undamaged teeth. On the road, too, was a dazed baby shrew, with a small mark, suggesting this animal had been the badger's intended snack.

When I came across the badger she was still very warm, indicating that someone had sped through, roughly between closing time and 12am, and dealt her a glancing blow (she appears to have no external injuries beyond a grazed paw). This is a country lane, not a motorway, and all local people will know there is a variety of wildlife in the area, most of which is busy at night.

As I often travel late at night, I do see the occasional badger near the road. I know that they do not dart across the tarmac even if caught in the road as a car approaches. Badgers tend, if startled on the road, to run parallel with it, with the "enemy" behind them. They then look for an exit up the bank. They don't skitter around like the rabbits. And they are quite big enough to see in the headlights.

So, I make this plea: Slow down at night and keep a lookout for the animals. It will add five minutes at most to your journey. Even if you hate wildlife or couldn't care less, or believe that to care is uncool, get some soul and stop the killing. (When you grow up you'll be able to reflect and pat yourself on the back) It is quite hard to kill a badger on a road, unless it's a motorway and you can't stop.

I'd like to say "you know who you are" but you probably aren't reading this anyway.

So my second plea is this: Is there anyone out there who can help devise immediate solutions? New road signs, ways to educate the late-night racers?

Call me: Pat Sinclair 01763 287333


I wish to thank everyone who came to the church, sent flowers, cards, and gave donations, in memory of Roger Crane. All the support was much appreciated.
    Ilse Crane and Family


Hi there, I was interested in looking at your website as I am a medium\clairvoyant and spiritual healer based in Baldock.  I would be available to come over to Rushden or surrounding area at a mutually convenient date and time for anyone wishing to utilize my abilities to communicate with the spirit world, or for healing (human or animal!). Please see attached leaflet for details of my services. 

Best wishes, John Aitken Mobille 0751 8354242


Harvest Festival saw a beautifully decorated church and plenty of gifts for The Leonard Cheshire Home. thank you to everyone who contributed. Members of the congregation gathered in the Hall afterwards for a barbecue, wine and salads. Thank you to John Lever, Chris Whitton and members of the PCC for providing these.

After many years as our Parish Councillor, John Dingemans has decided that the time has come to retire. We would like to thank him for all the hard work he has done for the village over the years and the support he has given to our many events.


We would like to congratulate Jayne Dingemans for completing the London Marathon in just 4 and a quarter hours. She has raised £3,500 towards Isobel Hospice so far but is always happy to receive more. With the promises made she will get over the £4,000.00 mark.
A big thank you to all those who sponsored me to run the London Marathon.
I really enjoyed the day and the atmosphere was incredible.

I have already put my name down for next year!!

Love Jayne xx


(click on photo for larger image)


Villagers will be sad to learn of the death of Reverend James Yates who was the Vicar of St Mary's for several years and who has come back to take services for us over the years. He was a wonderfully, gentle man with a quiet sense of humour. We will miss him. Our sympathy goes to Marigold and the girls.


RUSHDEN FETE which took place on Saturday 20th June 2009 raised in excess of £3780. A big thank you to all who helped to make it such a successful event


Click here to see some photos and a video, with thanks to John Dingemans


The Valentine's meal in aid of the Church and the Village Hall has now made a whopping £640 thanks to a generous donation.

Thanks must go to all those who worked so hard to make it a success. The food was delicious and everyone went home in an aphrodisiac mood! 




Winter Wonderland Again - Southern Green in the Snow on Tuesday 3 February 2009

with thanks to John Dingemans - click on photo for larger image



 Jayne Dingemans is privileged to have been awarded with one of Isabel Hospice’s prestigious Golden Bond runners places in 2009 Flora London Marathon. You may have seen her running through the villages on her training runs.

She has seen what Hospice care means in practice and the difference it makes to people's lives from both personal experience and working as a Macmillan Nurse for over 10 years.

Isabel Hospice is an independent body and is supported mainly by donations from the public. Fundraising therefore plays a vital part of being able to provide the many services offered by the Hospice. You can help to continue to provide care at the Isabel Hospice by supporting her in raising a minimum of £2,000.

You can sponsor her in person or through any member of her family or on line at

So please sponsor her now!

All monies are gratefully received.


If you would like to find out more about the Isabel Hospice please visit


" We cannot put days into patients’ lives, but we can put life into their day."


Rushden Tea Tasting
A magnificent £411.10 was raised at the Rushden tea tasting when Richard Bradshaw came to tell us about his life in tea and how to taste it. Richard considers that the only good tea comes in loose leaf packs but it is getting kore difficult to find. The talk was followed by a delicious spread of sandwiches and cakes provided by PCC members and others. We would like to thank all those who took part in making the afternoon so succesful- Richard for his talk; all the makers of food; Betty for her stirling work in the kitchen producing the tea; the washer uppers and Chris Whitton whose picture of St Mary's in the snow raised the takings by £60.  

WI members enjoyed a warming lunch at the Moon and Stars on Friday 9th January in spite of the frosty weather outside. Roast beef with all the trimmings was followed by brandy bread and butter pudding or pavlova. We are now planning next year's speakers (2010) . If anyone knows of a really good speaker please contact committee.

Our Vicar Helen Dawes officiated at her last service on Sunday 4th January at Sandon Church. As it was Epiphany Sunday we were treated to a sketch of the Three Wise Dudes instead of a sermon and several carols were led by the children's choir.


Afterwards refreshments and a chance to say goodbye were given to us in Sandon Hall when Helen was presented with a cheque from the parishes.


During the interregnum if anyone needs the services of a vicar please contact either Jean or Betty, our churchwardens.








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