We would like to welcome Alice Hunt and Benjamin Strachan to the village. We hope they enjoy their time here.

We were delighted to receive a letter from Parkinson’s UK thanking us for our donation to their cause from the carol singing around the village.

£231.70 was raised by the 6 intrepid singers who braved the elements on Monday 20th December in order to raise money for Parkinson’s UK. They were Doug, Chris Garrett, Jenny Barlow, Dulcie, Kay and Sarah. 5 of them made it to the pub to be greeted by Jenny and Victoria who had kept it open especially for them. The blazing fire was much needed. We apologise if we did not make it to your house but it really was bitter. Next year we are thinking of singing for Hyperthermia UK !

We were sorry to hear of the death of Dennis Webb who ran the Moon and Stars for several years. Our condolences go to his son Alan.

It was wonderful to see so many people meeting at the Moon and Stars on Tuesday 7th December to wish Penelope Rieu a happy 90th birthday. We hope she had a wonderful day.

BT Broadband competition

BT is running a competition for rural areas to get super-fast broadband.  Use this link to cast your vote for your particular area

 The Levers have just returned a Leisler bat to her own habitat after she was picked up in their garden. The photo is of the actual bat, (click on photo for a larger image). They called the Bat Rescue people who were wonderful. They cared for her for a fortnight before bringing her back to Rushden. Apparently she is a rare breed and one of the fastest flyers and also one of Britain’s larger bats. It took about 40 minutes before she was ready to fly but suddenly she was off. We are hoping to be able to show a picture of her courtesy of Bat Rescue. If anyone finds a bat apparently unwell please call them as often bats will just crawl away and die if left to their own devices.

The tapas evening on Saturday 11 September 2010 was one of the highlights of our village year. David Cameron would have been proud of us!  Village society was represented across the board and everyone had a simply wonderful evening. The food kept coming- and coming- and still coming, and all of it was delicious. Well done to Chip for winning at the piñata and Janet D did incredibly well with pinning the tail on the rhinoceros!  A big gracias to all who helped make the evening such enormous fun.  

CLICK HERE FOR SOME PHOTOS (with thanks to John Dingemans and Wendy Gilson)

 s)The Christmas Tree on Rushden Village Green is looking fantastic this year. This is due to Robin & Angela Bunton of Greenfield Farm for so generously giving the tree to the village, John & Martin Dingemans for collecting and delivering the tree, Ian Roper for putting the tree and the lights up and to Lynn Packman for once again providing the free power. A real team effort – thank you!   Fiona Roper.

With thanks to Gil for taking the photo of the Christmas tree. Click on it for a larger image.

Over  £1,100 was raised at the Rushden Christmas Fair held on Sunday 28th November


Thank you to everyone who helped.

Wot's dis?: Woz getin home Sunday nite 2 Sandon, bout 11.15, nop, sfsg, wen cums x dis slo slo driver in frunt. Yuk! Jst b4 Roe Grn dis car brakes in frunt (osy I thought – is u otl??) 

So, I go 2 ovatake da luzar fast (sam) + there's dis animal standin on road, like brown + wite spots (hus Bambie?)

Then dis car blocs my way so I cnt run da animal out da way. GAL OF! Dis car stops + IC deer (?), goes slo 2 otha side. So then I go fast past dis car, al hoots + lites flash. Dat's 4 u, stupid troll! Dis episode 8 bout 2 minites of my time!



Answer: Er well, had I not paused, on this evening, to let this weaned fallow fawn get to the other side of the road, it would have been run over and killed by the driver behind me. In fact, as the deer was just on the bank of the right handside of the road (nr Lizzie's house) the driver did see it in his headlamps as he tried to bypass me.

The animal might be expendable to some. But not to me, and I hope others – and, it's all thin edge of the wedge I'm afraid. On-road bullying and machismo posing? No thanks. Anyone agree? (e-mail webmaster)

An amazing £620.60 was made at the Sri Lankan evening on Saturday 13th November. Thank you to everyone who came and everyone who set up and cooked. It was a great evening.  

Click here for some photos with thanks to John Dingemans (more added 16 November)


click here to see 12th November 2010 newsletter of all the things that are happening 


A note from our new grower, interesting news from the store, café and rural care team.


The Church Farm, Ardeley Café is open everyday. Weekdays: 10am-6pm. Weekends: 8am-6pm 

Don’t forget to pop into our Farm Store for fresh, local produce, organic fruit and vegetables, free range high welfare meat all reared on the Farm, fresh bread, pork pies, eggs, dairy and much more. Open Weekdays: 8am-6pm. Weekends: 8am-8pm or more information about any of our programmes,

please contact Faye on 01438 861 447 or 

We are extremely sorry to hear of the death of Justin, landlord of the Moon and Stars, on Wednesday 6th October. Our sincere sympathy goes to Judy.

To everyone who donated the splendid selection of food, fruit and vegetables, the Leonard Cheshire Home in Hitchin was absolutely delighted with our Harvest offerings.

elspeth.jpg (68600 bytes)Chip & Elspeth Gutteridge have been raising money this year for Isabel Hospice. Congratulations to them for their fantastic effort.

Thanks to All Our Sponsors from Chip & Elspeth!

We would like to say a huge thank you to everybody who has supported and sponsored us this year in our swimming challenges to raise money for Isabel Hospice. The indoor swims are now finished and Elspeth has completed the Great East and Great London outdoor swims, coming 8th in her age & gender group in London. There is just one outdoor swim left – in Salford in September.  But the best news of all is that so far we have raised £2,015, plus Gift Aid, for the hospice. This has far exceeded what we set out to achieve and we are very grateful to all of you.

If anybody would like to know more about why we have been swimming this year, please look at our JustGiving page which can be found at:

Click on photo for larger image.

Just to let you know that we raised £310.20 at the Quiz Night on Friday 29th October.

I hope you all had a enjoyable evening.


Thanks to Jenny Barlow and Ellen Manchester for preparing the food and all those who donated raffle prizes.


Click here for some photos with thanks to Wendy.

It was wonderful to see a full church for our Harvest Festival on Sunday 3rd October and all the beautiful flower arrangements and offerings of fruit and vegetables not to mention jams and cakes. These will be given to the Leonard Cheshire Home. 

The service was followed by a barbecue in the Village Hall with salads provided by members of the PCC ( and their partners!) Special thanks must go to newcomer to the village, Karen Pettyfer for all her sterling work washing up.

Bike and Hike for Historic Churches

We raised £297. However £20 of this was Betty sponsored by Norman who spent 4 hours in the church. AND £277 was from Brian Littlechild who should definitely be mentioned in dispatches. He hopes more people will join him next year. This year he biked to no less than 21 churches.

At the Jubilee Singers & Friends' concert held on Saturday 9th October an enjoyable evening of music and entertainment at Cottered Village Hall was had by all. The concert was in aid of the Isabel Hospice and St Mary’s Rushden. A staggering £1,350 was raised. Thanks to all who made it possible. 

Click here to view the photos (with thanks to John Dingemans).


This is a note to say that The Moon And Stars now has new tenants.

There names are Justin and Judy and will be open for drinks tonight at 6pm as normal!

They will start cooking on Thursday I believe !

So hope the village will show there support to them both and wish them well !

All the best to them both from Neil and Anita.

The Rushden Fete on Saturday 26 June proved very successful with crowds of visitors who turned out in the incredible weather and an amazing £4,500 was raised, an all time record. The Village Hall Committee were absolutely thrilled how well the fete went. It was a fantastic team effort and it all ran smoothly. This is of course because of the fabulous organisation by Ellen who worked tirelessly to make sure that everything went to plan.

Thanks to all of you for your fantastic contribution. Special mention must go to:

The fete sub committee of Mary Ann, Debs Collis & Carole Littlechild
Richard & Sue H for the amazingly successful Grand Raffle
Mary V and her team for all their hard work on the teas
Ian & Dave for the hottest job of the day on the BBQ
Jo Anne for doing the labour intensive White Elephant stall yet again
Chris & Eva for doing the produce so well (yet again)
Wendy & Gill for the excellent photographic competition
Brian & Nikki for the professional promotional signs and collecting all those bottles
And another thank you to Ellen for the prettiest stall ever!!

Behind the scenes thanks to Martin & John Dingemans for storing and delivering the tables & games, Darren King for the loan of the PA and Sue W for counting all that lovely money!


Click here for photos of the fete

Click here for photos of the Photo competition

with thanks to John Dingemans and Gil Gilson 

We are sorry to hear of the death of Mrs Osborne, who lived opposite the Moon and Stars for many years. Our sympathy goes out to her family. Her funeral was at St Mary’s Church on Wednesday 7th July.

Villagers will be sad to hear of the death of John Jay, a long time resident of Rushden. We send our sympathy to Dorothy, Priscilla and Harriet.

A belated (sorry about that!) welcome to Allie and Roger and their llamas. We do hope that they enjoy living in our village.

To all our friends and customers .


Well the time has come for Anita and I to move on !


We would both like to take this opportunity to thank those of you that have supported us for the last five years.


As from mid-April we will be taking over the Jolly Waggoners (Rabbits Foot ) at Ardeley, but will also be at The Moon and Stars until a suitable tenant can be found.


We hope you will make the new tenants as welcome as you did us and with your continued support, we are sure that The Moon and Stars will continue to thrive.


Once again, many, many, thanks for the last five years we have had so much fun !


Neil & Anita

May the Rushden website take this opportunity of thanking Anita and Neil for all their hard work and support of the village and the fact that they are keeping the pub open, something that we were not always sure was going to happen. We wish them well at The Jolly Waggoners Ardeley and look forward to joining them there from time to time.

Friends of Mike Williamson, formerly of The Plough at Wallington, will be saddened to learn of his death from a heart attack. The funeral took place at North Newbold on Wednesday 31st March. We send our sympathy to Sue and Anna.       

Villagers might like to know that Eileen Gorrell formerly of Church Cottage got married on Saturday 20th March at Lewes. It was a wonderful wedding and several ex Rushdenites were there including the Launders and the Garriocks. Emma Hawthorne was a bridesmaid. We would like to wish Eileen and her new husband Martin all the best in their new life together.  

     click on photo for larger image

The funeral of Marigold Yates, wife of the late James Yates, for several years Vicar of Rushden took place last week. We send our condolences to her daughters.


Villagers will be saddened to learn of the death of Ann Bradley formerly of The Honeypot. Her funeral took place on Wednesday 31st March at St Catherine’s Church Sacombe.

We managed to raise a staggering £462 at the Watery Quiz on Saturday 27th March 2010, thanks to all those who came and gave so freely. Joyce Hart’s team won. Particular thanks must go to Eva Whitton for all her help with washing up, Janet and John Dingemans for their help in the kitchen, Sue Austin for marking and being on the door and to members of FORC for running it. It was also a chance for some of us to meet our new Vicar Silke for the first time. We must also thank students Ying and Elham for all their very hard work both in helping to prepare the meal and for giving out and collecting papers.  

click here for some photos - with thanks to John Dingemans

Reverend Silke Tetzlaff’s welcome to our benefice on Thursday 25th February saw a full church at Wallington. Bishop Christopher took the service and a combined choir from all four villages sang. Refreshments were provided by members of the PCCs and others. We would like to wish Silke all the best as she joins us.

John Dingemans has been out in the snow and has taken some wintery photos around the village.

With thanks to John Dingemans. Click here to see the photos

"The Rushden Cheese Soirée held to raise funds for the church on Sunday 17th January was an outstanding success.
Over 40 people 'demolished' nearly all of the four soups on offer (well over 12 litres!!) and 'devoured' all of the eight magnificent British Artisan cheeses presented by Meril Deal of "artisan cheese" of Ashwell after an informative and amusing address.
The magnificent total of £393.30 was raised." 

Click here for some photos kindly supplied by Brian Duffy

Sunday, 3rd January 2010
Peter Lever managed to climb to the top of Ben Nevis. We are awaiting a photo of the event.

Burns Night held on 23rd January was a great success. Guests were welcomed by a piper and were entertained by the music of "After Hours".  After the ceremony of the Haggis all were treated to the taste of Haggis and delicious deserts.


After this the Scottish dancing started to the delight of all as you can see from the photographs.


A big thank you for the organisers and all who took part, particularly the unsung heroes behind the scenes.

click here for some photos by John Dingemans

click here for a short video