What a wonderful turnout we have had at the "Pimms O'Clock".  Donations by those who attended The Pimms Nights was in excess of £1,911. Costs totalled around £690 and I have now had confirmation from those who Donated inputs for the Nights that they are all willing to "Gift Aid" there Donations, so that gives us a total earner of nearly £2,100. 

Thank you all very much. Robert 

“A delight to the ear!”

 On the evening of Friday 13th  September and to a ‘capacity’ audience St Mary's Church, Rushden was, ‘literally’, filled with two wonderful voices enhanced by a highly talented harpist.

The programme ranged from Mozart and Puccini to Lloyd-Webber and Gilbert and Sullivan giving full rein to Elizabeth Fulleylove, soprano, and Helen Rotchell, mezzo-soprano both graduates from Southampton University and now budding soloists. Ruby Aspinall, on harp and from Trinity College of Music gave two beautiful solos, the first by Debussy and then by J. Thomas a late nineteenth century Welsh harpist.

The whole evening was staged by Mike Streather of Shaw Green who also arranged for some delicious canapés (with wine), the ‘profit’ from the evening going to St Marys. A lucky ‘13th’ for all!  


From John and Sarah Lever

For all those many people ( over 100) who filled the pews of St Mary's Church on Friday 13th September, there was a wonderful treat in store. The operatic duo of Elizabeth Fulleylove (soprano) and Helen Rotchell (mezzo soprano) accompanied by nationally acclaimed harpist Ruby Aspinall brought the joy of opera with a few additional songs to our church and
rightly received a standing ovation at the end of their performance. Even the bats came out to listen.

Many people need thanking for the staging of this event from the flowers arranged by Eva and Vicky; the wonderful canapes provided by the two Jo's, Vicky, Maggie,Jeanne and Penny; the car park organisers including the Garretts for offering extra parking; Chris and James for fitting people into seats! and all the people who helped with serving and washing up. But of course most importanly we must thank Michael Streather for organising the concert. Hitherto he has hidden his light under a bushel but after this astoundingly successful event we will look forward to more!
Thank you everyone.



With thanks to Chris Whitton and John Dingemans (click on photo for larger image)


Hello and a very warm welcome to our new families at Barn Cottage, No 5 Treacle Lane and Little Thatches.

We hope you’re settling in nicely and look forward to meeting you.


John and Sarah would like to say an enormous thank you for all the kindness that the village has shown to us over the years. It will be a terrific wrench leaving. We have so many very happy memories and know that we will never find a community that matches up to Rushden's. We will hope to be back to see friends in the not too distant future and if anyone is passing through Swansea would love to see them and show them the sights.

On Sunday 4th August 2013 John and Sarah Lever said goodbye to Rushden after around thirty years of living in the village in the same house. They are moving to South Wales but said they will be coming back to visit.

Click here for some photos - with thanks to John Dingemans


I’d like to say a huge thank you to the Rushden Carol Singers for raising £318.28 for Headway Hertfordshire. Thank you to all the singers and everyone who supported them. We couldn’t do the work that we do without the support of local communities such as yourselves.


I hope you have a lovely Christmas

Kind Regards

Kelly Smith

Office Manager
Headway Hertfordshire

30 Campus Five, Letchworth, Herts, SG6 2JF

Rushden Christmas Gift Fair and Tree Festival

On 1 December the Christmas Bazaar was a wonderful event.

The stalls were very varied and there was something for everyone.

The Christmas trees in the church were lovely again and there was some lovely food on sale in there too.

All proceeds are going to the to the Village hall and St. Mary’s Church.


Click here for some photos with thanks to John Dingemans

John and Sarah would like to wish all their friends in Rushden a very happy Christmas. They are enjoying themselves in Swansea and as usual are very busy. John's choir The Swansea Bach sang in St David's Hall Cardiff yesterday to an audience of 900 people and had a standing ovation. The rehearsals were televised so watch out for it on BBC 4.

Six brave souls came round the village to sing some lovely Christmas carols.

They were not put off by the rain and wind and deserved their drink in the Moon and Stars afterwards.


Have a lovely Christmas everyone.


Kind regards

John Dingemans


Tour De Lard has successfully completed its challenge, reaching Lands End on 6 July, on the very same trusty scooters that set off from John O’Groats 7 days earlier! At the time of writing, we are on the brink of breaking through our £10,000 fundraising target, even before we add in the Gift Aid.

The trip went well, with no major hiccoughs, and we arrived safely at Lands End, on schedule, after 995 miles of riding, to a small welcoming party. Bunting and more supporters met us on our return to Rushden the next day. The people we met along the way showed us fantastic hospitality and generosity, and the encouraging comments we received on our Facebook page helped to keep our spirits up when poor weather dampened them .


From all of Tour de Lard (Chip, Chris, Dave & Steve)

·        CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME PHOTOS with thanks to Elsbeth Gutteridge

John O’Groats to Land End


An amazing challenge was taken on by local residents to raise much needed funds for Isabel Hospice.  Charles Gutteridge, Chris Hill, Dave Manchester and Steve Pettyfer, aka Team Lard, took to their mopeds and rode 995 miles to raise £10,000 for the charity.  Cheryl Cusack, Fundraising Co-ordinator for Isabel Hospice, said that everyone at the hospice was astonished that this team of supporters could conquer such a challenge and bring in this enormous donation.  Our grateful thanks to Team Lard.


The Rushden Fete raised £3958.53. Well done everyone.


In spite of mixed wind and rain, Saturday 22nd June saw a large turn out for the Rushden Village Fete with stalls selling well and smiling faces everywhere. The cake stall sold out and others showed pretty empty tables by the end of the day. The Hall itself seemed permanently full of people buying the delicious teas and outside the village's menfolk did sterling work at the barbecue. There also seemed to be large collection of men around the beer barrel! Well done also to Penelope for turning out to run the rose raffle after her recent hip operation.

Thank you to all those who worked so hard to make the day such fun for everyone.


CLICK HERE FOR SOME PHOTOS with thanks to Chris Whitton

The Comedy Evening was a runaway success and much enjoyed by everyone.

Click here to see some photos  With thanks to John Dingemans 

The daffodils that were planted in memory of our dearly missed Jean Chalk are now in full flower.

They do brighten up the churchyard. 

Click here for larger images

with thanks to John Dingemans

The Soldiers of Rushden WW1 - a talk by Jean Handley 22 March 2013

Message from Jean Handley

I was delighted to share my research of your soldiers with such a welcoming, enthusiastic and interested audience. It was a most enjoyable evening and Sheila's supper was delicious.

After announcing the wonderful £88 collected in my 18 pounder WW1 shell case (for the memorial board I plan to put up at the Hitchin British Schools' Museum) more people must have popped money in, for when we counted, it came to £125.29p. AMAZING!

So thank you all so much for your wonderful generosity.

Villagers will be saddened to hear of the death of Dawn Dodd- Noble on Tuesday 26th February. Dawn was always a very visible presence at Rushden events and a genuine village character. She will be greatly missed.

For those of you who missed out on the Village Treasure Hunt, here is a copy to follow in drier weather. 

Click here for a copy of the Treasure Hunt.