Welcome to Rushden and Wallington Parish Council.

The audited 2015-2016 accounts are now available to view in the FINANCE section.

The next meeting of Rushden and Wallington Parish Council will be held on Wednesday January 18th 2017 at 8pm in Rushden Village Hall. 

Everyone welcome.

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Need Council Help?
Here are some numbers that may be of use. 


0845 988 1188

Overgrown hedge/grass

01438 737320


01438 737320

Abandoned burnt out vehicle 

01462 474579

Broken phone booth 

0800 661 610

Rushden Councillors:-

Chris Garrett  cs.garrett@btinternet.com

Stephen Pettyfer  email: stephenpettyfer123@btinternet.com

Linda Hill email is lc.jail@btinternet.com


Wallington Councillors:-

Kate Heath (Chairman 2016-2017) 

Frank Randall


North Herts. District Councillor:-

Mr Steve Jarvis steve@sjarvis.cix.co.uk  

North Herts District Council  

Gernon Road, 

Letchworth  SG6 3JF 

Tel 01462 474000 Fax 01462 474227