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Please note that paintings may not be on view at time of visit as they may have been leant to exhibitions, and that some paintings on loan may have been returned to their owners. We do our best to keep the listing up to date but please let us know if there are any errors.

United Kingdom

Aberdeen Art Gallery

Clipped Yews (1935)
The Crucifixion (1921)
The Resurrection: Reunion Triptych (1945)
Southwold (1937)

Belfast - Ulster Museum

The Betrayal (Second Version) (1922-23)
Bridesmaids at Cana (1935)
Portrait of Daphne Spencer (1951)

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Old Tannery Mills (1939)
Portrait of Mrs J Buchanan (c1942)
The Psychiatrist (1945)
Rock Garden, Cookham Dene (1940-1947)
Tidying-Port Glasgow Resurrection Series (1945)

Bradford Art Galleries and Museum

Cookham from Cookham Dene (1938)
Marshland, Near Southwold, Suffolk (1924)
Panorama, Wangford Marsh near Southwold, Suffolk (1924)

British Council

Bluebells, Cornflowers and Rhododendrons (1947)
Port Glasgow Cemetery (1947)
Soldiers at Thanksgiving Service (1918)
The Month of December - Collecting Holly (1926)


Sandham Memorial Chapel 1927-1932 including:
Camp at Karasuli (North Wall)
Convoy of Wounded men Filling water bottles at a stream
Dug-Out or Stand-To
Filling Tea Urns
Filling Water Bottles


Kit Inspection (1930)
Making a Fire Belt
Map Reading

Riverbed at Todorovo (South Wall)

Scrubbing the Floor
Soldiers Washing

Sorting Laundry
Sorting and Moving Kit Bags
Tea in the Hospital Ward
The Resurrection of the Soldiers (1929)
Washing Lockers

Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum

Study for The Centurion's Servant: (1914)
Cottages at Burghclere (1927-1930)
Landscape in North Wales (1938)
Love among the Nations (1935)
Love on the Moor(1949-54)
Sarajevo, Bosnia
Self Portrait (1939)
Self Portrait with Patricia Preece (1936-7)

Cardiff - City Museum of Wales

Snowden from Llanfrothen (1938)
Souvenir of Switzerland (1935)

Carlisle - Tullie House and Art Gallery

Cookham (1914)
Red Magnolia (1938)
Washing Peter's Feet

Cheltenham - Art Gallery & Museum

Village Gossips (Village Life), Gloucestershire (1940)

Cookham, Stanley Spencer Gallery

(the Gallery has a summer and winter exhibition and also has several paintings which are virtually permanently on loan to the Gallery from private owners). Paintings and other art work located at the Stanley Spencer Gallery in Cookham can be seen at Drawings and Paintings on the right hand menu.

Coventry - Herbert Art Gallery

Portrait of Miss Ashwanden (1958)

Dundee - McManus Art Gallery

The Ferry Hotel Lawn, Cookham (1936)

Edinburgh - Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Christ Delivered to the People
Fire Alight (1936)

Glasgow - Art Gallery and Museum

The Glen, Port Glasgow (1952)
Vale of Health, Hampstead

Government Picture Collection

Bourne End Looking Towards Marlow (1920-21)
The Poultry Market Petersfield (1926)

Hastings - Jerwood Gallery

Daphne Spencer with a Green Scarf, (1953)

Huddersfield - Kirklees Art Gallery

Garden, Cookham Rise (1946)

Hull - University of Hull Art Collection

Villagers & Saints (1933)

Hull - Ferens Gallery

Greenhouse and Garden (1937)
Major E. O. Kay
Nude, Portrait of Patricia Preece
The Red House, Wangford (1926)

Kendal, Cumbria, Abbot Hall Art Gallery

Portrait of Daphne Charlton (1941)

Kettering, Alfred East Art Gallery

The Violinist (1925)

Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum

Cookham Rise (1938)

Leeds - City Art Gallery

Christ's Entry into Jerusalem (1920)
Gardens in the Pound, Cookham (1936)
Hilda, Unity & Dolls
Madonna Lilies, Cookham (1935)
Separating Fighting Swans
Two Sisters 1938

Leicester - New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

Adoration of Old Men (1937)
Distant View of Maidenhead (1939)
Portrait of J.L. Behrend (1956)

Liverpool - Walker Art Gallery

Saturday Afternoon (c.1927)
Villas at Cookham (1938)

London Imperial War Museum

Travoys with Wounded Soldiers Arriving at a Dressing Station at Smol (1916)
Shipbuilding on the Clyde-Bending the Keel Plate
Shipbuilding on the Clyde-Burners

Shipbuilding on the Clyde-The Furnaces
Shipbuilding on the Clyde-Plumbers (1944-45)
Shipbuilding on the Clyde-Riggers
Shipbuilding on the Clyde-Riveters (1946

Shipbuilding on the Clyde-Welders

London - Royal Academy of Arts

Dustbin - Cookham (1956)
Farm Gate (1950)

London - University College

By the River (1935)
The Nativity (1912)

London - Tate Gallery

Apple Gatherers (1912-1913)
Study for Apple Gatherers (drawing and watercolour):(1912)
The Bridge (1920)
Study for The Bridge and other works (drawing and watercolour): 1912-20
Camouflaged Grenadier Verso:2 composition studies for Burghclere Chapel:1922-3
The Centurion's Servant: (1914)
Christ Carrying the Cross (1920)
Study for Christ Carrying the Cross (1920)
Christ Delivered to the People (1950)
Dinner on the Hotel Lawn (1956-57)
Daphne; (1940)
The Disrobing of Christ (1922)
Double Nude Portrait - the Artist & his Second Wife (1937) (+ 2 studies for)
Farm Pond, Leonard Stanley: (1940)
Figures on Either side of a Window (drawing)
Hilda with Hair Down (drawing): 1931
Jacob and Esau (drawing): 1910-11
Study for Joachim Among the Shepherds (1912)
Kissing Patricia's Hand (drawing): 1936-8
Man Goeth to his Long Home (drawing and watercolour):1911
Mending Cowls, Cookham:1915
Mother and Children (drawing)
Mr Joe Buchanan, Charge Hand Blacksmith (drawing): 1943-4
The New Shawl (Ink)
PJ Spencer (drawing): 1932
Portrait of Louis Behrend (drawing)
The Resurrection, Cookham (1924-27)
Resurrection, Port Glasgow (1947-50)
Study for the Resurrection of Soldiers: Burghclere Chapel (drawing): (1927-8)
Retrieving a Ball (Lithograph): (1954)
Ricketts Farm, Cookham Dene (1938)
The Robing of Christ (1922)
The Roundabout (1923)

Saint Francis and the Birds (1935)
Self Portrait (1913)
Self Portrait (1914)
Self Portrait (1959)
Swan Upping at Cookham (1915-19)
Terry's Lane, Cookham (1932)
The Sword of the Lord and of Gideon (1921)
The Wharf, Cookham (1936)
Tree and Chicken Coops, Wangford (1925)
Turkeys (1925)
Turk's Boatyard, Cookham (1931)
William McBrearty, Sawyer (drawing):(1943-4)
Woman Feeding a Calf (Ink, pencil and Wash
The Woolshop (1940)
Zaccharias and Elizabeth (1913-14)

+ various sketches / drawings for the Port Glasgow Resurrection Series

Manchester - City Art Gallery

The Boatbuilder's Yard, Cookham (1936)
Cookham Moor (1937)
Village in Heaven (1937)

Manchester - Whitworth Art Gallery

Soldiers Washing (c. 1927)

Newark - Town Hall


Newcastle upon Tyne Laing Art Gallery

The Dustman (or the Lovers) (1934)

Newport Museum and Art Gallery

The Sausage Shop (1951)

Nottingham - Castle Museum & Art Gallery

Landscape, Cookham Dene
Peonies (1939)

Oldham Art Gallery

Landscape Near Halifax, West Yorkshire

Oxford - Ashmolean Museum

Cows at Cookham Moor (1939)

Plymouth - City Museum & Art Gallery

The Hoe Garden Nursery
Portrait of Sybil Williams, MBE (1955)

Preston - Harris Museum & Art Gallery

Port Glasgow Resurrection Series - The Hill of Zion 1946
Wisteria, Cookham 1942

Reading Museum

Self Portrait by Gaslight Looking Downwards (1949)

Rochdale Art Gallery

Bellrope Meadow

Rugby Borough Council

Portrait of Richard Carline (1923)

Sheffield - Graves Art Gallery

Helter Skelter, Hampstead Heath (1937)

Southampton City Art Gallery

Port Glasgow Resurrection Series: The Raising of Jairus' Daughter (1947)
Portrait of Patricia Preece (1933)
Pound Field, Cookham 1935

Swansea - Glynn Vivian Art Gallery & Museum

Garden at Whitehouse, Northern Ireland (1952)
Marriage at Cana: Bride and Bridegroom (1953

Warwick University

Miss J D Browne CBE MA, Principal, Coventry College of Education (1959)
Preliminary Sketch for Portrait of Miss J D Browne CBE MA (1959)

Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Chestnuts 1935

York - City Art Gallery

Deposition and the Rolling Away of the Stone


Adelaide - Art Gallery of South Australia

Garden View, Cookham (1938)
Hilda Welcomed (1953)

Adelaide Carrick Hill Trust

Blue Iris (1938)
Cookham, Flowers in a Window (1938)
Monkey Puzzle, Whitehouse, N. Ireland
From the Artist's Studio (1938)
Sunflower (1938)
The Wedding Cake (1953)

Wet Morning in St. Ives (1937)
Zermatt (1934)

Melbourne - National Gallery of Victoria

Parents Resurrecting (1933)

Perth - Art Gallery of Western Australia

Christ in the Wilderness - Driven by the Spirit into the Wilderness (1942)
Christ in the Wilderness - Consider the Lilies (1939)
Christ in the Wilderness - The Eagles (1943)
Christ in the Wilderness - The Foxes Have Holes (1939)
Christ in the Wilderness - He Departed into a Mountain to Pray (1939)
Christ in the Wilderness - The Hen
Christ in the Wilderness - Rising from Sleep in the Morning (1940)
Christ Overturning the Money Changers' Tables

Queensland Art Gallery-Brisbane

Interior of Cookham with Spring Flowers 1937

Sydney - Art Gallery of New South Wales

Christ in Cookham
Cookham Lock
The Scrap Heap (1944)
Wheatfield at Starlings


Fredericton - Beaverbrook Gallery

Garden Scene - Port Glasgow (1944)
Marriage at Cana: A Servant in the Kitchen Announcing the Miracle

Ottawa - National Gallery of Canada

Landscape with Magnolia
Marsh Meadow, Cookham
Portrait of Miss Elizabeth Wimperis
Self Portrait

Toronto - Art Gallery of Ontario

The Jubilee Tree, Cookham (1936)

Vancouver Art Gallery

Alpine Landscape (1933)


Amsterdam - Stedelijk Museum

Self Portrait 1936

New Zealand

Dunedin Public Art Gallery

Merville Garden Village, near Belfast (1951)

Wellington - National Gallery & Museum

Beatitudes of Love V11: Romantic Meeting
Daphne by the Window, N. Ireland
Joachim Among the Shepherds

South Africa

Petermaritzburg - Tatham Art Gallery

River Nareta, Mostar (1922)


Lugarno - Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection

Love Letters



Atlanta - High Museum of Art

Redlands Road, Reading (1956)

Chicago - Museum of Contemporary Art

Hilda and I at Pond Street (1954)

Hartford - Connecticut - Wadsworth Atheneum

Silent Prayer (1951)

Museum of Modern Art - New York

The Nursery, or Christmas Stockings (1936)

Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York

Kings - Cookham Rise (1947)

Newhaven - Yale Center for British Art

The Clyde from Port Glasgow
Portrait of Mrs Frank (Yale University Art Gallery)

Newhaven - Yale University Art Gallery

The Builders

Pittsburgh, Carnegie Institute

Soapsuds, a Scrubbed Floor

Santa Barbara - Museum of Art

Oxfordshire Landscape


Private Collections

This is just a few...

The Alder Tree, Gloucestershire (1941)
Amaryllis in Chauntry Court
Angels of the Apocalypse (1949)
The Apotheosis of Hilda (unfinished) (1959)
Angels of the Apocalypse (1929)
The Angel - Cookham Churchyard (1933) - The John Lewis Partnership
The Artist and his Second Wife
At the Piano (1957)
Avalanche Switzerland (1912)
Baby in a High Chair (1943)
The Baptism (1952)
The Bathing Pool, Dogs (1940)
Beatitudes of Love: Consciousness (c. 1938)
Beatitudes of Love: Contemplation (1938)
Beatitudes of Love: Knowing (c. 1938)
Beatitudes of Love: Passion or Desire (1937)
Beatitudes of Love: Toasting or Sociableness (1937-8)
Beatitudes of Love: Worship (c. 1938)
The Blacksmith's Yard, Cookham (1932)
Bond's Steam Launch (1920)
The Brewhouse, Cookham (1958)

The Bridlepath at Cookham (1938)
Buttercups in a Meadow

Carrying Mattresses 1921)
Chest of Drawers (1936)
Christ Preaching at Cookham Regatta: Girls Listening (1953)
Christ Preaching at Cookham Regatta: Conversation Between Punts
Christ Preaching at Cookham Regatta: Listening from Punts (1954)
Christ Preaching at Cookham Regatta: Punts by the River (1954)
Christ in the Wilderness: The Scorpion - Collection Helen Brook (1939)
Christmas (1936)
Columbines (1938)

Cookham from Engelfied (1948)
Cookham on Thames (1937)
Cookham Rise Cottages (1935-36)
Corner in the Garden (1936)

Cottage Garden, Leonard Stanley (1939)
Cottage Garden, Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire

Cottage at Wangford (1937)
Country Girl: Elsie (1929)
Crossing the Road (1947)
The Crucifixion (1934)
The Crucifixion - Australia (1958)
The Cultivator (1927)
The Daughters of Jerusalem (1951)
Domestic Scenes - Choosing a Petticoat (1936)
Durweston, Hod Hill (1920)
Englefield House, Cookham, (1951)
Fernlea. Cookham ,
Fishing Boats, St Ives (1937)
Flower Piece or Flower Decoration (1939)
Flowering Artichokes

From Up the Rise
The Garage - the Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber Art Foundation (1929)
The Garden Port Glasgow (1944)
Garden Path, Cookham Rise (1949)
Geranium, A Street in Zermatt (1935)
Greenhouse Interior (c1935)
The Greenhouse (1938)

Going to Bed (1936)
Goats, Switzerland (1936)
Goose Run Cookham Rise (1949)
The Harbour, St Ives (1937)
High Street, Cookham (1929)
Hilda and I at Burghclere (1955)
Hilda with Bluebells
In Church - Australia (1958)
John Donne Arriving in Heaven (1911)
Jummie III and Dr Frank
Laburnum (1936)
Lake of Scutaria, Montenegro (1922)
The Last Supper
Lilac and Clematis at Englefield, (1955)
The Long Looking Glass (1937)

Love Letters - Thyssen Collection, Lugano (1950)
Magnolias (1938)
Making Columns for the Tower Of Babel
Making a Red Cross (1919)
The Marrow Bed (1926)
Mary Lucy Cartwright DBE - Girton College Cambridge (1958)
The Meeting (1933)
Ming Tombs, Peking
The Mill. Durweston(1920)
The Ministers, Ming Tombs, Peking (1954)

The Mount, Cookham Dene (1938)
The Nativity - London Slade School of Fine Art (1912)
Near the River, Sarajevo (1922)
Nude - Patricia Preece (1935)
Nude (Portrait of Patricia Preece, or Girl Resting) (1936)
On the Landing or Looking at a Drawing
On the Tiger Rug - Lord Lloyd Webber (1940)


The Paralytic Being Let into the Top of the House on his Bed - Spink Leger, London (c.1920)
People on the River (1922)
Patricia at Cockmarsh (1935)

Portrait in a Garden (1936)
Portrait of Lady Slesser (1935)
Portrait of Hilda Carline
Portrait of Mrs C.P. Grant
Portrait of Andrew Nicholas Frank (1954)
Portrait of Daphne Charlton
Portrait of Mrs Linda Few Brown
Portrait of Mrs Frank
Portrait of Kitayan Tilati (1955)
Portrait of Patricia Preece
Portrait of Rachel Westropp
Portrait of Sybil Williams (1955)
Portrait of a Young Boy (1920)
Potato Patch, Rostrevor, Northern Ireland (1951)
Privet Hedge at Sea Cliff (1955)
Promenade of Women or Women Going for a Walk in Heaven (1938)
The Quarry Woods, Cookham (c. 1920-1)
The Resurrection, Cookham (c. 1920-1)
Riveting (1936)
Riveters (1910)
Rock Roses, Old Lodge, Taplow

Rowborough, Cookham (1934)

The Sabbath Breakers
Saint Peter Escaping from Prison
The Scarecrow, Cookham (1934)

Self Portrait, Adelaide Road (1939)

Self Portrait (1951)
Self Portrait (1957)
Shillington's House, Whitehouse, Northern Ireland (1951)
Source of the Buna, Mostar (1922)
Sunflower and Dog Worship (1937)
Stinging Nettles

Swiss Skittle Alley Saas Fee

Taking Off Collar (1935)
The Tarry Stone, Cookham

The Thames at Chauntry Court (1951)

Tobias and the Shepherd - Sketch for (1937)

The Turkish Window - Buckingham Castle (1934)
Turkeys (1946)
Tulip Beds (1936)
Two Girls and a Beehive (1934)
Unveiling Cookham War Memorial (1921)
Upper Reach (1936)

View from the Tennis Court, Cookham
View of the Thames from Cockmarsh Hill (1935)

Wallflowers (1954)
Washing Up (1935)
The White Cockatoo (Coronation Cockatoo) (1937)
Winter Acconites

Wisteria at Englefield, (1954)
The Wooden Minaret, Sarajevo (1922)
Workmen in the House (1935)

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