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If you would like to place an order please contact Colin Jones, e-mail listing the items you require and he will let you know availability and the cost with postage. Prices, if shown, are in pounds sterling.


Additional cards may be available from the Imperial War Museum or Sandham Memorial Chapel. Cost - 60p each, 6 for £3

Bellrope Meadow Ricketts Farm
Blue Iris Roy
Bridlepath at Cookham Sarah Tubb
Christ preaching at Cookham Regatta (1959) Self Portrait 1914
Chris at Regatta Listening from Punts Self Portrait 1923
Clipped Yews Self Portrait 1959
Cookham from Engelfield Separating Fighting Swans
Cookhamon Thames Shipbuilding - Furnaces
Cookham Resurrection Shipbuilding - Riveters
Cookham & Gallery (photo) Shipbuilding - Plumbers
Cottages at Burghclere Shipbuilding - Bending Keel Plate
Cows at Cookham Shipbuilding -Riggers
Crossing the Road Southwold
Crucifixion St Francis and the Birds
Dinner on the Lawn Stanley Painting Christ Preaching (photo)
Eric Williams Still Life
Gardening Sunflowers
Gardens in the Pound Swan Upping (Photo)
High Street from the Moor Swan Upping
Hilda, Unity and Dolls The Brewhouse, Cookham
Last Supper 1923 The Bridge
Magnolias The Centurion's Servant
Mending Cowls, Cookham The Cultivator
Neighbours The Garage
Noah's Ark Field The Scarecrow
Orchids, Lilies and Palms The Sisters
Patricia at Cockmarsh Travoys from Autograph Album
Portrait J L Behrend 1956 Turks Boatyard
Poundfield Cookham 1935 Unveiling Cookham Memorial
Resurrection Reunion View From Cookham Bridge


"Roy", portrait of a Boy £7.00


Crossing the Road £2.00
Magnolia £2.00
Neighbours £2.00
"Roy", portrait of a Boy £2.00
Southwold £2.00
The Brewhouse £2.00
The Garage £2.00
View from Cookham Bridge £2.00


Bending Keel Plate £0.80
Plumbers £0.80


Roy Fridge Magnet £2.50    


At the piano 32 x 48cm
£15.00 Roy with card mount 30 x 40cm
Blue Iris 57 x 46cm
£17.00 Sarah Tubb and the Heavenly Visitors (study) - Limited edition 31 x 36cm
Bridlepath at Cookham 57 x 46cm £20.00 Scarecrow 47cm x 46cm £17.00
Christ preaching at Cookham Regatta (detail) 38 x 46cm £15.00 Southwold 81cm x 58cm £20.00
Cows at Cookham 30 x 42cm
£15.00 Swan Upping 42 x 60cm £17.00
Dinner on the Hotel Lawn 60 x 42cm £17.00 The Betrayal Study (pen & ink) 59 x 42cm
Magnolias 1938 45 x 32cm
£15.00 The Bridge 60 x 42cm £17.00
Month of April 33 x 44cm
£12.00 The Garage 60 x 42cm £17.00
Neighbours (Pen and Ink)
£10.00 The Last Supper 42 x 30cm £15.00
Neighbours 30 x 42cm
£15.00 Turks Boatyard 60 x 42cm
Photographic Portrait with card mount 33 x 33cm (Stanley painting/Stanley arms crossed smiling)
£20.00 View from Cookham Bridge 42 x 30cm £15.00
Rock Roses 29 x 42cm

FRAMED PRINTS - LARGE (cannot be mailed)

At the Piano  £70.00 Scarecrow  £70.00
Blue Iris  £85.00 Southwold £85.00
Cows at Cookham  £70.00 Swan Upping £80.00
Dinner on the Hotel Lawn £80.00 The Bridge £80.00
Magnolias, 1938 £50.00 The Bridle Path Cookham £75.00
Neighbours 1936 (colour) £70.00 The Garage £80.00
Neighbours (pen drawing) £40.00 The Last Supper £70.00
Plumbers £60.00 Turks Boatyard £80.00
Rock Roses £75.00 View from Cookham Bridge  (1936) £60.00
Roy - Mounted £60.00    

FRAMED PRINTS-MEDIUM (cannot be mailed)

Roy £20.00 Stanley Spencer framed photos £50.00
Southwold £20.00    

BOOKS (cannot be mailed) 

Stanley Spencer Catalogue Raisonne by Keith Bell (softback) £35.00
Barbara Karmel Bequest by Carolyn Leder £4.00
Stanley Spencer Catalogue Raisonne by Keith Bell (hardback) £125.00
A Walk Round Spencer's Cookham by Chrissy Rosenthal & Anne Danks £2.95
Stanley Spencer Poems, An Anthology, various authors £9.99
Stanley Spencer: Journey to Burghclere by Paul Gough £24.95
A Crisis of Brilliance by David Haycock £9.99
Lucky to be an Artist by Unity Spencer
Stanley Spencer Remembered by Joan George £5.00
Stanley Spencer and the English Garden by Keith Bell and others £16.99
Your Loving Friend by Paul Gough £12.95
Christ in the Wilderness by Stephen Cotterell £9.99
Pam Gem’s Stanley
Stanley Spencer: Art as a Mirror of Himself by Andrew Causey
A Terrible Beauty by Paul Gough £20.00
50 British Artists You Should Know £13.95
Looking to Heaven (vol 1) by John Spencer £30.00
Stanley Spencer a Twentieth Century British Master £35.00
   Edited by Richard Heathcote and Anna Jug
Distortion and Love by Nigel Rapport £95.00
The Holy Box by Paul Gough £25.00

Exhibition Catalogues

An Artistic Affair (March to October 2017) £8.00
Visionary Painter of the Natural World (2016) £3.00
The Creative Genius of Stanley Spencer (2015)
Paradise Regained.(2014)
Perspectives on Love (2013) £3.00
Spencer's Earthly Paradise (2012)
Spencer's War (2011) £3.00

Stock varies, please email Colin Jones at to confirm.
To all above prices, unless stated, packing and postage must be added.
All cheques should be made payable to "The Sir Stanley Spencer Memorial Trust"

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