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ALL TICKETS COST £10 (unless otherwise stated) and can be bought and downloaded from EVENTBRITE CO.UK (search for Cookham events) or in person at the gallery. (there is a booking fee when using Eventbrite) N.B Tickets go on sale 31 January 2018.

MARCH - NEW EXHIBITION: PATRON SAINTS: Collecting Stanley Spencer The national and local patrons who supported his life and work. Opens to public Thursday March 29 at 10.30am (closing date 4 November 2018)

MAY Thursday May 24 19.00
GALLERY LECTURE: Dr Susanna Avery-Quash (Senior Research Curator in the History of Collecting, National Gallery) examines Stanley Spencer's friendship with Gwen and Jacques Raverat.
VALUABLE ASSISTANCE is Susanna's chosen title for this talk, and that is exactly what the artists Gwen and Jacques Raverat gave to Stanley Spencer. The talk supports the fascinating exhibition:
PATRON SAINTS: Collecting Stanley Spencer running in the gallery from April to November. Dr Susanna Avery-Quash is Senior Research Curator at the National Gallery and studies the history of private and public art collections.

JUNE - GALLERY LECTURE: A PATRON SAINT: Wilfred Evill collected works by Spencer – but also by many other artists in an eclectic way. Art Historian James Rawlin, who worked on the sale of his works for Sotheby’s, examines his collecting philosophy. Thursday June 28 at 19.00

JULY Thursday July 12 19.00
GALLERY LECTURE: A PATRON SAINT: Sir Edward Marsh Author David Boyd Haycock (Crisis of Brilliance) on 'Eddie' Marsh and the patrons who collected the work of Spencer and his contemporaries. Sir Edward Marsh was well connected (he was Winston Churchill's Private Secretary) and a great supporter of poets and artists. Offering essential backing in his fledgling career we look at Marsh's collecting.

AUGUST Monday August 13 10.30 ( limited spaces) £5.00
THE COOKHAM PATRONS WALK: with Ann Danks. We walk the paths to the homes of his major local patrons, Gerard Sheil, Mary Corbel and Michael Westropp.
As we walk the paths that Spencer trod to reach the homes of his local supporters, Gallery archivist Ann Danks will talk about the importance of these people in his life. Many locals owned Spencer's works and commissioned portraits and landscapes, but the most important lived in Englefield (Pound Lane), Rowborough (Terry's Lane) and at the Vicarage in Churchgate. Others were dotted around the village. We wil start and end at the Gallery and cross fields and footpaths - so stout shoes are advisable. It will not be suitable for pushchairs or wheelchairs.

SEPTEMBER - BUILDINGS AND BEER: Historian Keith Parry and archivist Ann Danks look at the significance to Cookham and to Spencer of the old brewery buildings in Cookham. Wednesday September 12th at 19.00

NOVEMBER - GALLERY LECTURE: Exhibition Change to showcase the paintings and drawings held by the Gallery: Carolyn Leder, Gallery Adviser and former Trustee highlights the role of people, place and ‘notions’ in Spencer’s life. Pre-opening view of new exhibition. Exhibition opens to public Thursday November 8 at 11am Lecture Wednesday November 7 at 19.00 Gallery open to 21.00

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