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A DELIGHT TO THE EAR - 13 September 2013


with thanks to Chris Whitton and John Dingemans





On the evening of Friday 13th  September and to a ‘capacity’ audience St Mary's Church, Rushden was, ‘literally’, filled with two wonderful voices enhanced by a highly talented harpist.

The programme ranged from Mozart and Puccini to Lloyd-Webber and Gilbert and Sullivan giving full rein to Elizabeth Fulleylove, soprano, and Helen Rotchell, mezzo-soprano both graduates from Southampton University and now budding soloists. Ruby Aspinall, on harp and from Trinity College of Music gave two beautiful solos, the first by Debussy and then by J. Thomas a late nineteenth century Welsh harpist.

The whole evening was staged by Mike Streather of Shaw Green who also arranged for some delicious canapés (with wine), the ‘profit’ from the evening going to St Marys. A lucky ‘13th’ for all!  


From John and Sarah Lever

For all those many people ( over 100) who filled the pews of St Mary's Church on Friday 13th September, there was a wonderful treat in store. The operatic duo of Elizabeth Fulleylove (soprano) and Helen Rotchell (mezzo soprano) accompanied by nationally acclaimed harpist Ruby Aspinall brought the joy of opera with a few additional songs to our church and
rightly received a standing ovation at the end of their performance. Even the bats came out to listen.

Many people need thanking for the staging of this event from the flowers arranged by Eva and Vicky; the wonderful canapes provided by the two Jo's, Vicky, Maggie, Jeanne and Penny; the car park organisers including the Garretts for offering extra parking; Chris and James for fitting people into seats! and all the people who helped with serving and washing up. But of course most importanly we must thank Michael Streather for organising the concert. Hitherto he has hidden his light under a bushel but after this astoundingly successful event we will look forward to more!
Thank you everyone.



with thanks to John Dingemans