Rushden Village Treasure Hunt

Go through Church gate and turn right.

  1. Who is buried in the first grave on the right?

Go through kissing gate into field.

  1. How many new trees are planted in orchard on right?
  2. What is the name of the house that can be seen from the new gate on the left?

Go through next kissing gate.

4.How many llamas in field on right?

Go through next kissing gate and continue straight ahead.

  1. What colour is public footpath sign?
  2. Which tree growing in wood is good for making wine and cordial?
  3. Collect a sycamore leaf.

     At end of wood, cross field following path.

  1. How many telegraph posts in the field?

Follow footpath between houses.

  1. What flower, growing to the left of the path past the house on left, was the emblem of Margaret Beaufort, grandmother of Henry V111?
  2. Which tree grows at the end of the path?

Turn right along lane.

  1. How far have you walked?
  2. What is the name on the goalpost on right?
  3. What was the house on the right hand bend?
  4. What does the bench on your right commemorate?

Continue along lane.

  1. What mark does the donkey in the field on your right have on its back?
  2. What is the number on the dog waste bin?

Take footpath opposite dog waste bin.

  1. Which company made the fence on your left?

Cross over bridge.

  1. Can you find a dandelion clock?

Turn right onto Treacle Lane

  1. What is the picture of on Flint Cottage’s sign?
  2. The next cottage on the left is Risden. This is an old name for where?
  3. What numbers are on the hydrant sign to the right?

At junction turn right.

  1. Whose picture is in the window of Little Thatches?
  2. What was Rose and Crown House?
  3. Hillside’s chimney is a copy of one made by which famous architect?
  4. What is the number of the phone in the phone box?