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with thanks to John Dingemans 





Another Rushden gastronomic ‘Tour de Force’

from “Choccy”, Ellen and team!!!

The moment one entered Rushden Village Hall on the evening of Saturday 7th November the well laid tables and decorative lampshades hanging from the ceiling presaged a very special evening, enhanced by the greeting from the dinner jacketed chief sommelier, Dave Manchester and his sou-sommelier, Chris Hill, both armed with a wine list!

Once seated the 60 ‘guests’ received the first of their culinary delights prepared by Choccy, aka Ian Roper, Ellen Manchester, Darren King plus others helped by a positive ‘army’ of helpers and ‘waitresses’. This was Rushden putting on the Ritz!

Not only was the food of the highest standard but also beautifully presented which given the tight kitchen area (with tent) was nothing short of a miracle. To add to our enjoyment we were able to listen to the Nance Wilson Trio with Dave on tenor sax and Roy on keyboard.

Ian and Ellen, looking tired but very content promised to repeat this gastronomic evening not too long in the future. They’re quite barmy of course but thank goodness for that!!!  CW