St Mary's Church, Rushden

The Rev. Fiona Karen Wheatley,  for the new Benefice of Clothall, Rushden, Sandon, Wallington and Weston.





July 2016 church services - Rushden

Sunday, 17th July - 6.00 p.m. Evensong. 

Sunday, 24th July - 9.30 a.m. Communion CW2 

Sunday, 7th Aug - 11.15 a.m. Matins. 

Monumental Inscriptions

Rushden St Mary

We now have available a colour booklet listing all the gravestones and memorials in Rushden churchyard and the church itself. This has been prepared by Hertfordshire History Society (Hoddesdon group) and also contains a history of the church, a detailed numbered plan of the site with full inscriptions and alphabetical appendix. The booklet also contains similar information for Clothall Church and runs to 65 pages.


Copies are available for 7.00 each either in the church (with honesty envelope) or by post (7.50) from C. Whitton at Southern Green House, Rushden, Herts.SG9 0SX.


Cheques made payable to PCC of Rushden please

Benefice Choir

Enjoy singing and aged between 5 and 11 years, then why not join our new Benefice Children's Choir. All welcome.


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(with thanks to Gil Gilson for the photo)

  Rushden Church continues to serve as a centre of the village community. Although not very large, it is very welcoming. Inside the Church can be seen a statue of the Virgin Mary sculpted by Percy Portsmouth, who also sculpted his wife's tombstone which can be seen in the graveyard. In the field behind the church, can be seen the house platform to the original mediaeval manor house.  

The Meetkekrke monument
  The Meetkerke monument can be found in the Church. The Meetkerke monument commemorates Adolphus Meetkerke Dutch Ambassador to Elizabeth 1, who lived in Julian's Manor. His family continued to live there until the end of the nineteenth century and other monuments to them can also be seen in the Church.  



The kneelers were designed and made by the village community. Each one is unique.


Tombstone sculpted by Percy Portsmouth for his wife