Autograph album including small watercolour of ‘Travoys’ - 1919


5in x 7in



In 1919 Spencer produced a large oil painting entitled ‘Travoys with Wounded Arriving at a Dressing Station at Smol, Macedonia’ as a commission for the Ministry of Information.  An official war painting it is based on his First World War experiences in Macedonia and shows the scene at a dressing station during a nearby attack with the wounded men on stretchers drawn by mules.  This little watercolour copy was painted by the artist in the autograph album of a well known Cookham lady.  Alongside side it he has written ‘This is a copy of the picture you remember seeing me at work upon: the one I did for the Imp. War Museum.  It looks rather crowded out in this small space.  The mules can’t make it out at all: they look very puzzled’.